Joan Carden Award 2015 Terms & Conditions

  1. The Joan Carden Award is conducted by the Sydney University Graduate Choir in accordance with its objective of developing and sponsoring young singers. The value of the Award in 2015 will be $6,000. In addition, the winner will have the opportunity for a solo engagement with the choir.
  2. The competition for the Award will have three stages:
    1. applicants will submit an unmarked CD recording of themselves singing two pieces;
    2. six semi-finalists will be chosen by the adjudicators, based on the CD recordings; the semi-finals will comprise the performance by applicants of two pieces, and participation in a master-class conducted by Miss Joan Carden AO OBE;
    3. three finalists will be selected and the finalists will perform two pieces at the Choir’s August concert
  3. Applicants for the Award must be aged between 22 and 35 years on 1 May 2015. Proof of age must be provided.
  4. Previous winners of the Joan Carden Award may not apply.
  5. Immediate family members and current singing students of any of the adjudicators may not apply.
  6. Applications must be submitted online on the form provided by 5pm on Friday 1 May 2015.
  7. Applicants must provide two unmarked copies of a CD recording of themselves singing two pieces from the classical repertoire which may include lieder, or arias from opera or oratorio, or parts of a song cycle. The CDs will not be returned to applicants.
  8. CDs and proof of age documents must be posted by Friday 1 May 2015.
  9. Applicants short-listed for the semi-finals (and master-class with Miss Carden) must be available on Sunday 14 June 2015 and must provide their own piano accompanist for the occasion.
  10. Semi-finalists must agree to be photographed at the master-class.
  11. Applicants selected for the semi-finals and finals must present, at each appearance, one new piece (that is, a piece not previously presented) and a piece they have already presented. These pieces should be from the classical repertoire as outlined in 7. above. The total performance time at each stage for each applicant must be between 8 and 12 minutes.
  12. Information about the orchestral forces available for the finals concert is available on the website. Applicants must ensure that the relevant orchestral scores are readily available in Australia for pieces they would propose to sing in the finals, if selected.
  13. The music applicants select must be out of copyright. Observance of copyright law is the responsibility of the applicant.
  14. Applicants selected for the finals must be available to sing on Sunday16 August 2015 and to rehearse with the orchestra on Saturday 15 August 2015. The two pieces to be performed by each soloist in the finals will be decided in consultation with Music Director, Christopher Bowen, having regard to the orchestral forces available.
  15. Finalists must agree to be photographed in connection with the concert on 16 August.
  16. Applicants must agree that, in the event that they are selected as semi-finalists or finalists, their photographs may be used by the Choir for publicity purposes.
  17. Applicants must agree that in the event that they are selected as finalists their performance will be recorded and that Sydney University Graduate Choir owns all intellectual property rights to any recording that is made of the performance. Finalists assign to Sydney University Graduate Choir any rights that are necessary to give effect to this ownership.
  18. A written adjudication will be provided to semi-finalists and finalists within one month of the relevant event.
  19. There is no application fee, but applicants are responsible for any expenses they incur by entering the Award competition.
  20. The schedule will not be varied to cater for individual applicants. However, the Choir reserves the right to vary the schedule in the event of a serious unforeseeable event. If the Choir varies the schedule it will make every reasonable effort to reschedule at times convenient to applicants.
  21. The adjudicators’ decision at each stage will be final.

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