Information for Singers

  1. Q. What happens to the statistical, financial, and personal information I provide?
    A. Privacy. We are using standard web security techniques. We won’t share personal details with third parties. The statistical information will be used only as aggregated data in a report to the City of Sydney after the event. The event is supported by the City of Sydney.No personal information (age, background etc) identifying an individual will be used.
    For online payments with a credit card, we use PayPal and we (Sydney University Graduate Choir) never see nor store the credit card details: the payment is processed entirely through PayPal.
  2. Q. I sent my registration but have not received a confirmation email?A. Registered singers will receive a confirmatory email saying that they have successfully registered. If you have paid but have not received this email within 10 days, please contact Registered singers will also be receiving other information regarding the music.
  3. Q. Is there more detail about what we will be singing?
    A. Important: Please see the Music Notes page for full details of what we will be singing including differences between editions of the score. All choristers will have to learn 2 parts for the Sanctus which breaks into 2 choirs. The Music Director will need to see how the division of parts blend, and balance the sound of the 2 choirs at the first rehearsal, so he will need all of us to learn our voice part for both choirs before the November 4 rehearsal. We must all be flexible to make this difficult piece work successfully.
    In the Rex Tremendae, the SUGC Chamber Choir only will sing at 3rd bar after letter L (page 64 in our chorus scores), and everyone sings at the Tutti 7th bar after L.
    Again at letter S (p.86), chamber choir sings for 5 bars, and from then on it is all Tutti.
  4. Q. When do rehearsals start?
    A. All rehearsals are compulsory. Singers must know their parts before we meet for these rehearsals. There will be no time to go over notes. The learning CDs or CyberBass are very important to get all singers up to standard to enjoy the whole experience.
    1st rehearsal: Saturday, November 4, 10am – 1.00pm (Soprano/Alto) and 2pm – 5.00pm (Tenors/Basses);at Fort Street High School.2nd rehearsal: Saturday, November 11, 10.00am – 1.00 and 2.00 – 5.00pm for all choristers; at Fort Street High School.
    3rd rehearsal: 8.15am on Sunday, November 12 at Sydney Town Hall. We rehearse all morning, take a break, and perform in the afternoon.
  5. Q. How do I get to Fort Street High School at Petersham for rehearsals 1 and 2?
    A. Driving: entry to school carpark is from Palace St off Parramatta Rd.By bus along Parramatta Rd to Palace St. Entry to school from Palace St.By train to Petersham station and then walk.
  6. Q. How do I get to Sydney Town Hall?
    A. Sydney Town Hall, on George St, between Bathurst and Druitt Streets, is well served by public transport, both train and bus. Please check timetable information at: Town Hall is fully accessible by people with disabilities.
  7. Q. Is there any parking at the venue?
    A. St Andrew’s House Car Park, adjacent to and underneath the Town Hall has parking. The rates are available on their website:  We recommend booking a parking space in advance.
  8. Q. What do I wear for the concert?
    A. White on top (with long sleeves) and black (long) on the bottom, black socks/stockings and shoes. Black bow- ties for men if possible. If you have a name badge you would like to wear, please put that on too.
  9. Q. How should I cover my score?
    A. Scores should be covered in black or held securely inside a black folder.
  10. Q. Will there be food and drinks available on the day?
    A. There are food outlets nearby. Of course you may prefer to bring your own food and drink.
  11. Q. I want to buy audience tickets. How do I do this?
    A. Audience tickets will be available through the Seymour Centre Box Office: or 9351 7940.
  12. Q. I have an audience ticket. Are seats reserved?
    A. No. Audience seats are unreserved (except for seats for a small number of VIPs). For this reason, replacement tickets cannot be issued, so please keep your tickets in a safe place.Doors will open at 2.15pm.
  13. Q. What is the program for the performance day at the Town Hall?
    A. The program is as follows (details to be confirmed closer to the performance):

    8.15-8.45 Registration

    8.45-9.15 Placement of choir

    9.30-11.30 choir and orchestra

    11.30-12.00 break

    12.00-1.00 orchestra and soloists

    1.00-2.00 choir, orchestra and soloists

    2.00-2.45 break

    2.45 choir takes places

    3.00 concert starts

    Interval 20 minutes

    5.30 concert ends

  14. Q. Can my children come with me and wait while I rehearse in the morning?
    A. No. We won’t have a child-minding service available either at Fort Street High School or at the Town Hall. Up until 2.15pm the Town Hall will be open only to singers, soloists, and orchestra members.
  15. Q. I have registered to sing, but now find I cannot sing. Can I get a refund
    A. We do not give refunds. If you (or a friend) can attend the concert at 3pm, you can have an audience ticket (provided tickets are still available) instead of your singer registration. Please contact about this no later than Monday 6 November. This option will not be available after that date.No refunds will be given for audience tickets, but they are transferable (and please also see Question 12 above).
  16. Q. What will I do with my purse and keys while the performance is going on?
    A. Please keep valuables to a minimum. You may have a small handbag under your seat if you are in the gallery (a majority of guest singers will be in the galleries). Otherwise, if you are on the stage, keep your small purse or wallet with you.
  17. Q. Where will I be sitting? Can I sit with my friends?
    A. Singers will be grouped together in their voice parts, so if your friends are in the same voice part, that should be fine. The Music Director usually groups the Graduate Choir together. Please note that the majority of guest singers (sopranos and altos) will be in the galleries.
  18. Q. How do I obtain a concert program?
    A. Programs will be available for purchase at check-in on the day of the performance.
  19. Q. My question isn’t covered here. Who can I contact?
    A. Please email Doug Smyth: